Welcome to Amman Valley Harriers Seniors!

Amman Valley Harriers was established in August 1983 so we have been running in and around Ammanford for thirty-six years! We have a thriving senior and masters contingent with a few original members still running in their seventies.

Anyone can join Amman Valley Harriers. Our structured club sessions are currently suitable for those who are already comfortable running to a reasonable level. We have a huge range of runners who run at varying speeds.

We meet at Amman Valley Leisure Centre three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (please see below for more details). Sessions vary but all are approximately an hour long depending on your pace. It is a great opportunity to meet like-minded runners who work together to create a supportive environment. Emphasis is placed on enjoyment and we aim to quickly integrate new members into the club.

You are welcome to come along and try our sessions before hopefully deciding to join us formally. Please just contact us beforehand so we can ensure that there is someone to welcome you. After a few sessions we hope that you will decide to join us. The cost is relatively low and there are no additional charges for training sessions. You can access a membership form here.


All sessions including club events can be found on the club Teamup calendar, which is only accessible to members. Below is a summary of the sessions we offer. If you are already a member, please contact the club secretary Donna or see Liam, Sian, , Anthony or Mark for the Teamup calendar link where you can see all the sessions and book your place.


We meet in either the foyer of Amman Valley Leisure Centre or at the Bowls Club for a 1800 start. A route is selected and runners leave in groups or pairs based on their pace to cover the route. Mondays are a great day to join us for the first time as it is for most the ‘gentlest’ session of the week. We cover approximately 5 to 6 miles of moderate terrain (there are not many flat routes around Ammanford) and aim to all return to the Leisure Centre around the same time.


Interval sessions. Suitable for all abilities. These sessions are held on the race track in Tregib, Llandeilo or at Ammanford recreational ground. Please check the Teamup calendar to find out location and to book your place.


These sessions vary the most and the best place to find out what is going on is our Facebook page. We usually meet at 1750 for a warm-up before beginning a structured session. We are also currently running a couch to 5k group on a Wednesday evening, please contact us for further information.


We meet in either the foyer of Amman Valley Leisure Centre or at the Bowls Club for a 1800 start. A longer route of approximately 7 to 8 miles is selected and again the start is staggered based on pace. No one is left to run on their own. As well as the greater distance Thursday routes usually include some bigger hills.


Fun around Dinefwr Park! A mixture of fun races and challenges suitable for all. Each week is different! You will need a headtorch in the Winter evenings.

Every member is expected to book for each session via the Teamup calendar.

For more information please contact our Club Secretary or join our Facebook group.