Club Champs

The initial list of Championship races for 2018 is below. There may be changes and additions to these races. Club Parkruns dates are still to be finalised . There should be approximately thirty races spread out throughout the year and you need eight to count.


RACE 1: December 31 2017 New Year’s Eve 10 Miler, Llandeilo 
RACE 2: January 14 WGXC Round the Res, Tata Steel
RACE 3: January 28 Team Pursuit, Crymych
RACE 4: February 18 Llanelli Half Marathon
RACE 5: March 4 WGXC Aberavon Beach
RACE 6: March 24 LLO Parkrun – Club Race
RACE 7: April 1 Teifi 10, Lampeter
RACE 8: April 29 Tenovus Cancer Care 10k National Botanics
RACE 9: May 7 Mayor’s Race Carmarthen
RACE 10: May 13 Trap Fun Run
RACE 11: May 25 Talley
RACE 12: June 1 Three Parks
RACE 13: June 8 Llangadog
RACE 14: June 24 Swansea Half
RACE 15: July 8 Ammanford 10k
RACE 16: July 27 Caio to Llanwrda
RACE 17: August 10 Myddfai
RACE 18: August 19 St Clears 10k
RACE 19: August 24 Cilycwm
RACE 20: August 26  Narberth Nobbler
RACE 21: September 7 The Cottage 5k
RACE 22: September 16 Swansea 10k
RACE 23: September 16 Pumsaint Trail
RACE 24: September 22 Welsh Rod Relays
RACE 25: October 7 Cardiff Half

For a full list please use the link below:

2018 Championship Races

How it works

A number of races are predetermined annually as Championship races. These will be of a variety of length and surfaces but will focus on supporting local races.

Over the year, December to December you will need to have completed eight Championship races. One of these races may be any marathon.

The results from each Championship race will be age-graded to give you a percentage (Howard Grubbs). These will be used to rank each competitor, highest age-grade first. Points are awarded on a decreasing basis. First male and female will receive fifty points, second place will receive forty-nine, third place forty-eight etc.

The Club Champion will be the male and female at the end of the year with the most points (maximum available four hundred)

In order to make the championships competitive for everyone there are three divisions; Gold, Silver and Bronze. A male and female winner will also be awarded in each division.

The Rules

The Championship is open to any paid-up member of Amman Valley Harriers

The race must be entered as an Amman Valley Harrier and a club vest must be worn

If more than eight races are completed then best scores (highest points) will be taken

In the event of two members having the same points at the end of the year then the aggregate of their age grades will be taken from the events that both members competed in

If more than seven (10% of current membership) Harriers attend a race then it becomes a club race retrospectively and points are awarded accordingly.

Marathon points are awarded based on your age grading for that race.